Top 5 Reasons To Buy New Furniture!

4 Oct

#5 – Feel Better About Your Home – lets face it we spend a lot of time at home. We have demanding jobs and many family responsibilities. When we come home we just want to relax and feel good. Having nice things at home is one way to feel accomplished. You look around, see nice things, and don’t feel as bad about working hard since you get to enjoy your life at home.

#4 – Impress Your Guests – everyone likes a little bit of vanity so having a unique piece of furniture makes you look cool and gives everyone something to talk about it. For me it’s a lamp that’s more expensive and unique than any other piece of furniture that I own.

#3 – Efficiency – furniture is not just for looks but also for organizing your home and putting away your stuff. Consider how you will use something when you buy it and remember that most things have multiple uses. I used to use my nightstand for keys, watches, credit cards, passport, etc… but when I became single I quickly converted it to storage for sex toys.

#2 – Comfort – you sleep a third of your life sleeping or at least you are supposed to sleep 8 out of 24 hours so make sure you invest into your mattress and into your office chair where you spend a lot of time as well. Your back will thank you, you will have more energy, and can avoid many diseases that you only find out existed when you get older.

#1 – Because Your Spouse Asked You – (for men only) – a happy wife means a happy life. When a spouse makes a request about furniture, something men usually care little about, just comply and buy whatever she wants. This act can later be leveraged into something more fun such as night out with the guys or a funner car or better sports equipment.


Round Dining Tables and Why I Love Them

1 May

Just because you might have limited space for a dining table doesn’t mean that it has to be lacking. Here are a few tips on round dining tables and why I love them.

Safe for the Kids

Round dining tables offer a lot of features in terms of design. However, where I really think they stand out as a perfect option is for families with children. Round dining tables lack sharp corners which can be dangerous for small children. If you are worried that your child might get injured while playing around the house, a round dining table can help you to avoid worry.

When its time for board game night, a round dining table makes for the perfect setup. The round design makes reaching the center of the table easy and perfect for little ones!

Round Dining Tables Single Base

Round dining tables are often designed with a single pedestal to support the design. However, as you look for a suitable option, make sure that the base of the table is wide enough to sufficiently support the tabletop. Otherwise, you may find that the table is easily tippable.

On reasonably priced dining tables this pedestal can often feature decorative elements that can increase the look of your dining room. In addition, by adding sturdy chairs made from hardwood, you can create a dining room look that is built to last.

Perfect for Small Dining Rooms

If you need a place to sit and enjoy a meal that won’t take up too much space, a round dining table is the perfect idea. A round dining table can fit snugly in a corner for a mini-breakfast nook. I also highly recommend round dining tables if you need to seat additional guests only on occasion. Some round dining tables offer the option to insert a table leaf for additional seating. The table leaf can be easily removed and stored when not in use.

Must-Have Family Room Furniture

10 Apr

Figuring out the essentials for your family room depends a bit on your needs. Here are some tips to ensure that you purchase all of the must-have family room furniture items for your home.

Buy a Great Sofa or Set of Chairs

The first piece of furniture that you should consider for a family room is a sofa. Whether you opt for a sectional, loveseat or chairs will depend on how much space you have. If you love to watch movies in the family room or you have small children, a sofa or sectional is likely a better option. However, if you want your family room to appear more formal, opt for chairs instead.

Choose an Entertainment Console

Your family room is not complete without an entertainment console. A TV stand with multiple drawers or compartments will help you to organize your family room and store all of the games, cables and other items that you need for leisure time at home.

You should also make sure that the option that you select is large enough to fit your TV. If you have a flat panel HDTV, you may prefer to mount the TV rather than place it directly on a stand. You should measure your TV and walls carefully to ensure that you will have adequate clearance for the TV after you have selected the stand.

Don’t Forget About the Smaller Furniture

End tables are helpful additions to your family room if you want to eat or drink as you relax. Consider buying two small end tables for the sides of the sofa. You can also set up an end table between two chairs if you are trying to decorate a family room that is smaller. For a relaxed style of lighting, you can consider placing small lamps on the end tables in order to increase the amount of light in the room if you want to read or relax on the couch.

Elegant Bedroom Furniture Ideas

9 May

Obtaining a high-end look in your bedroom does not need to be difficult if you use a bit of creativity. Here are a few inspirational tips to help you select the perfect elegant furniture for your bedroom.

Take Inspiration From Far Away Places

If you want to create a luxurious bedroom that is full of every comfort you could possibly want, think of the time that you spent on your most favorite vacation. In addition, a movie or place that you would like to visit could spark your imagine. However, the key to using this idea successfully is to refrain from trying to literally recreate the style. Think of the textures and colors that might appear in this environment and select furniture items that reflect them. You can also use this idea to determine your color scheme for your room and select the furniture to match.


Opting for lighter colors in your bedroom such as white can bring a clean and revitalizing feel to your bedroom. Lighter colors can also be mixed and matched with natural materials such as bamboo and wood furniture.

Decorative Elements

Once you have selected the colors for your bedroom, consider the fabrics and linens that you would prefer to have in your bedroom. Solid colors can be used alongside patterned fabrics for variation. For a more traditional look, consider patterns that feature embroidered designs or floral patterns.

Elegance is Timeless

If you are still unsure which items are best for your bedroom, going for the items that are timeless is always a good option. You can create luxury in your bedroom by opting for deep, rich, finished woods and metals such as brass or copper. High bedposts and tall headboards are essential to creating this aesthetic. Opting for decorative carvings and fine upholstery will add a final touch that is sure to delight your senses.

Interior Design and Modern Furniture Trends for Everyone

26 Jan

Decorating can be fun and expressive. Just as with fashion and clothing, there are trends of things and styles that are popular. The great thing about style is there are no cut and dry rules of what you have to do; you can make it your own! Use these trends as inspiration for your next decorating project.

One trend is using fabric prints. Using prints can be a way to express your own taste and style. There are so many styles, patterns, and shapes that can be used in your space. Use it on throw pillows, rugs, or even as furniture material. The choice is yours!

Another trend is utilizing a mix of modern and classic pieces. Love the look of modern furniture, but in love with a classic pattern? That’s no problem as you can combine the two to make your own design statement.

Are you cramped for space? Well this trend is just for you! Space solutions allow you to maximize your space with pieces that are minimalistic. These pieces are elegant and sophisticated. Think of pieces that have dual uses, such as a table that can double as a desk or ottomans that have storage compartments.

You can’t talk about design and furniture without referencing color. There are a few current trends where color is concerned. One such trend is to use bright colors. This can be done by utilizing these colors as accents and to make a statement. Color one wall and make it the center of the room. You can also decorate your space with color by adding color to the pieces. Throw in a few unexpected colors every now and then. It’s your space so let it reflect you as the designer.

There you have it; a few design and furniture trends that you can take and utilize in your own home. Take a trend or two and incorporate it into your style or who knows? Maybe you’ll start a trend of your own!

Fall Furniture Trends for 2013

28 Oct

Fall is upon us and it doesn’t just bring the beautiful colors of the leaves with it. Fall means there are new fashions and trends and that applies to your furniture as well.

The High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina, is the place where furniture trends are born. It is the home for the world’s furnishings and it is no surprise that it is the place where we’ll find the answer to the trends for this fall.

One of the trends seen at the Market is metallic leather. It’s not just for your clothing anymore. There’s no need to buy a new piece of furniture if you already have an old leather couch or sofa. Just a coat or spray of metallic finish can transform your space! If that is a little too much metallic for you, add in the color with a pillow or a decorative piece. Just a touch of color can give your room a look of opulence.

Another trend of the fall is pleats. Pleats can be just a simple fringe on the bottom of a sofa or can be more entwined into arm rests or all over the outside edges. Whatever your taste, you’ll be sure to find the pleats you’ll love for your home.

For those with more sophisticated taste, you’ll be glad to know that glamour is a trend that has hit furniture for the fall! This trend brings in rich and chic styles with modern and stylish materials and gorgeous and dramatic curves.

Lastly, for those eco-friendly and earth conscious out there, you’ll be happy to know that green furniture is in this fall. It’s not just the materials that are used to build the furniture that’s green, but also the products used to cover and finish the furniture. You’ll be sure to find something that suits your taste.

Fall means change and with these trends, you can bring some of that change into your home.

Keeping Your Home On-Trend for Less

18 Sep

Fashion is important to a lot of people, but so is money. And although we might like to redecorate every six months, it simply isn’t fiscally realistic for most people. Not to mention, it’s a huge inconvenience; your whole home is thrown out of sync for a few days. However, there are ways to keep in step with style without breaking either the bank or the labor laws, and here are a few you might like to consider.

• Some sofas have removable covers, meaning that you can change the cover as often as you fancy. Of course, you can change cushion covers, too, and sofas might be expensive, but sofa throws are often cheap.

• Rotate the pictures hanging on your walls and consider changing them by season – framed wrapping paper makes a surprisingly effective and inexpensive Christmas decoration, for example.

• Rather than letting all your ornaments and centrepieces clutter the place up and gather dust all year round, use them sparingly and swap them around often. This way there will always be something new and fresh to look at, and your space will have an air of being constantly updated.

• You’d be amazed how much you can transform a room simply by buying a new rug. Look for a variety of textures as well as shades, and stick, where possible, to plain colors – they date less easily than patterns and elaborate designs. Move rugs around your home and experiment with putting them in different places.

• For a weekend project, update your curtains. Curtains are cheap – particularly if you learn how to make them yourself out of inexpensive fabrics – and they’re not as hard as you might think to take down and hang up. They also have the ability to transform and update a room instantly!

Three Pieces Worth Investing In

18 Aug

Everyone wants to save a little money. Sometimes that’s a great thing – a bargain on a few dining chairs or an end table is great, and if they turn out to be rubbish, you don’t need to worry about it too much. Other times, though, it’s a lot more important that you make sure your purchases are of stellar quality. Here are the three most important things not to skimp on.

  1. Your main bed
    It’s estimated that we spend about a third of our lives asleep, and when you put it that way, it’s obvious why you should invest in the very best bed you can afford. It’s easy to think that finding a good bed is all in the mattress, but in reality, the frame is just as important. It’s all about making sure that every part of your body is adequately supported, and that you’re not kept awake all night by creaking and squeaking or a bowing mattress base.

  2. Computer chairs
    Almost everyone in the Western world complains of back pain occasionally, and one of the biggest contributors to this is bad posture and unhelpful chairs. Look for proper ergonomic office chairs of a sort that give you all the support you need and are as easily adjustable as possible. With a little work, you’ll be able to tailor your chair specifically to your requirements.

  3. A sofa
    The three things we spend the most time doing by far are sleeping, working, and relaxing. You sleep in a bed and you probably work in a computer chair, but a lot of your relaxation is likely to happen on the sofa – whether you’re watching TV, surfing the internet, reading a book, or chatting with friends and family.  Make sure you’re comfortable enough while you’re there, and your back will thank you for it.

When to Get it Wrong: Five Interior Design Mistakes You Might Want to Try

2 Aug

1. Dark Colors in Small Spaces
Everyone’s always saying that dark colors don’t work in small spaces – but if you like dark colors and you only have a small space to work with, that really isn’t much help! This is really where the ‘feature wall’ concept comes into its own; paint just one wall in your favorite hue, and pick a similar color in a few shades lighter for the others. Finish the look with woodwork in a darker tone, and consider accenting with the darker shade as well.

2. Overfurnishing and Overcrowding
If you’re going for a ‘bohemian’ look rather than a cleaner one, there’s no reason whatsoever you shouldn’t hang pictures, scarves, drapes and embellishments to your heart’s content. Just make sure that if you go for it you really go for it – what looks bad isn’t too much stuff, it’s trying to hit a middle note that is neither one thing nor the other.

3. Collections on Display
Don’t listen to all the nonsense about figurines and film posters looking too juvenile. If you love something, let your space embrace that love – just put in the effort to display and frame them well.

4. Kitschy, Quirky Style
Your home should reflect you, and if you happen to love lava lamps and 70s prints there’s no reason not to have them. The trick here, again, is to go all the way if you’re going there at all – a halfhearted attempt really will look out of place.

5. Brights That Clash
Carefully planned clashing can work just as well as thoughtful co-ordination. A bunch of disparate elements look careless if they’re simply all jumbled in there together, but if there’s something like a feature wall or a woodwork color to tie them all together, you’re likely to find it all works much better than you might have expected.

Mimicking the Arts and Crafts Look On a Budget

25 Jul

The Arts and Crafts look is attractive to many homeowners but it has the reputation of being expensive to achieve in the home. Believe it or not, there are some ways you can create this look without breaking the bank.


Not all of us are artists. Stenciling does not require a lot of artistic skill. If you have a piece of furniture or a blank space on a wall for a border or similar, you can make or purchase inexpensive stencils in the Arts and Crafts style. These can be used many, many times and are almost always under $30. Besides that your main expense is paint. Stenciling can also be done to curtains, shades, and other textiles.


Linen is an affordable fabric that was often used in original Arts and Crafts homes. It can be used for stenciling for an even more authentic look. Just make sure to use good fabric paint.

Add Wood Furniture

Replacing furniture with its wood version can be expensive but if done one piece at a time, it can be very affordable. Start with a nice end table or something small and you will see what a huge difference it can make in the appearance of your home.


If you have a piece of furniture such as a chair or couch, it will likely save you money to have it reupholstered with cloth inspired by the Arts and Crafts style rather than buying an expensive reproduction. If a piece of furniture can be reupholstered, it makes it a much better value option if you like to change your decorating styles.

Add Simple Crafts to Furniture

Something as simple as a nice embroidered napkin can add a lot of character to a wooden end table. Or try your own hand at some simple crafts. Many areas have studios where you can paint your own pottery or learn a handicraft for an inexpensive price.