What does your mattress tell me about your personality?

12 Nov

I was inspired to write this blog by a group of women who thought it might have been a deal breaker to have a bad mattress.  So to answer that question a mattress is never a deal breaker especially if you already know each other that wellJ

As a furniture guy I have been designing rooms and selling furniture for many years and I developed a habit to instantly assess furniture in a home when I walk in.  I look at furniture, usually dining tables and couches, but sometimes the bedroom stuff as well.  Especially, I like the mattress part.  The mattress is where we spend a third of our lives and I like to know what kind of choices my friends make. Sorry ladies and gents, but its true, I often check what’s under your sheets.

There are several non-traditional options in bedding aka mattresses such as air mattresses and foam only mattresses.  I consider owners of these to be risk takers.  The odds are that you did not have this kind of mattress growing up and you decided to try something new and unusual.  To me this means that you are more likely to take risks at work and in personal life and you are the kind of person who would try anything once.

Traditional or old fashioned mattresses are made like a very simple sandwich with a spring unit in the center and identical layers of foam and fiber on both sides so you can flip them over in case one side sags a little.  These are hard to find these days and if you have one it’s either you never bothered to buy a new mattress since you were a teenager or you had your parents help with the buying decision.  This tells me that you are a big picture person and don’t pay attention to detail.  You are too busy and have way too much going on to think about something as trivial as a mattress.

The new kid on the block is the premium pillow top mattress.  There are many varieties and many models that use advanced materials and provide unparalleled comfort.  If you have one of these it tells me that health and comfort are important to you and you take time when making buying decisions,  not just buying the first thing that you use.  You are also more likely to get a massage and eat healthy.

Interesting mattress facts:

  1. All mattresses sold in the USA are fire retardant, it’s the law!
  2. You should change your mattress every 8-10 years.

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