Should everything in your room match?

11 Mar

The answer is no. Contrasting colors and design are very popular. It’s nice to have a single color couch and then spice it up with some bright pillows. It’s also pretty cool to introduce a few antique or classic pieces into a very modern home. For me it’s a reflection of the modern culture where our style is unique and individual as opposed to predetermined like it was for our parents.

I am laying down on Sunday morning as I’m typing this and I see a lot of the above in my living room. I have a restored cast iron chandelier in the same hallway as 2 more very modern chandeliers accented by an Indian mask and a console table with antiqued finish. In the same space there is also a very modern floor mirror with sharp corners finished in silver.

Another very popular trend is natural wood and I am not talking about the kind where you a buy a chest and apply the finish yourself to match the rest of the furniture. I am referring to a cocktail table that looks like a tree trunk. This design is also used in dining room tables where a table top is made from reclaimed wood planks that are assembled into a rectangle. I am seeing this in a lot of modern homes.


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