Fantastic Furniture Options for Small Spaces

12 Jul

Just because a space is small doesn’t mean it has to lack character and comfort. Here are some ways to make the most of your small space.


Buy the love seat instead of the couch.

Ever see a great looking couch but you just don’t have the space for it? Usually a matching love seat is available and they cost substantially less than buying a full size couch.  While a couch can be as much as much as 84-104 inches long, love seats are generally 58-71 inches in length.  

Use small tables with shelves.

Tables that are less than 4 square feet, with multiple levels of shelves, can increase your storage space dramatically when compared to a table with only one level of the same size. Maximizing your vertical space is a great way to add depth to a small space. Small tables are also easier to move around in a small space.

Consider a sleeper sofa or chair.

Although many older sleeper sofas have a reputation for not being the most comfortable bed to sleep on, they have improved enormously over the last few years so there are some very nice options available. Large easy chairs can be purchased that fold out into a single bed sleeper while larger love seats pull out to be a twin size bed. A full size sleeper sofa is quite large, being at least 89 inches. Regardless of size, they do help add extra guest space that is convenient for everyone.

Built-Ins for maximum space efficiency.

If you are the type of person that does not mind their furniture being stationary, built-in furniture offers a lot of versatility. A built-in dresser, table, or chair can be custom made to fit your exact space so that you can utilize that space as efficiently as possible.  How about a built-in bench on a smaller porch? 


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