When to Get it Wrong: Five Interior Design Mistakes You Might Want to Try

2 Aug

1. Dark Colors in Small Spaces
Everyone’s always saying that dark colors don’t work in small spaces – but if you like dark colors and you only have a small space to work with, that really isn’t much help! This is really where the ‘feature wall’ concept comes into its own; paint just one wall in your favorite hue, and pick a similar color in a few shades lighter for the others. Finish the look with woodwork in a darker tone, and consider accenting with the darker shade as well.

2. Overfurnishing and Overcrowding
If you’re going for a ‘bohemian’ look rather than a cleaner one, there’s no reason whatsoever you shouldn’t hang pictures, scarves, drapes and embellishments to your heart’s content. Just make sure that if you go for it you really go for it – what looks bad isn’t too much stuff, it’s trying to hit a middle note that is neither one thing nor the other.

3. Collections on Display
Don’t listen to all the nonsense about figurines and film posters looking too juvenile. If you love something, let your space embrace that love – just put in the effort to display and frame them well.

4. Kitschy, Quirky Style
Your home should reflect you, and if you happen to love lava lamps and 70s prints there’s no reason not to have them. The trick here, again, is to go all the way if you’re going there at all – a halfhearted attempt really will look out of place.

5. Brights That Clash
Carefully planned clashing can work just as well as thoughtful co-ordination. A bunch of disparate elements look careless if they’re simply all jumbled in there together, but if there’s something like a feature wall or a woodwork color to tie them all together, you’re likely to find it all works much better than you might have expected.


One Response to “When to Get it Wrong: Five Interior Design Mistakes You Might Want to Try”

  1. key + arrow August 3, 2013 at 12:50 am #

    creative post + i love breaking the rules! 🙂

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