Interior Design and Modern Furniture Trends for Everyone

26 Jan

Decorating can be fun and expressive. Just as with fashion and clothing, there are trends of things and styles that are popular. The great thing about style is there are no cut and dry rules of what you have to do; you can make it your own! Use these trends as inspiration for your next decorating project.

One trend is using fabric prints. Using prints can be a way to express your own taste and style. There are so many styles, patterns, and shapes that can be used in your space. Use it on throw pillows, rugs, or even as furniture material. The choice is yours!

Another trend is utilizing a mix of modern and classic pieces. Love the look of modern furniture, but in love with a classic pattern? That’s no problem as you can combine the two to make your own design statement.

Are you cramped for space? Well this trend is just for you! Space solutions allow you to maximize your space with pieces that are minimalistic. These pieces are elegant and sophisticated. Think of pieces that have dual uses, such as a table that can double as a desk or ottomans that have storage compartments.

You can’t talk about design and furniture without referencing color. There are a few current trends where color is concerned. One such trend is to use bright colors. This can be done by utilizing these colors as accents and to make a statement. Color one wall and make it the center of the room. You can also decorate your space with color by adding color to the pieces. Throw in a few unexpected colors every now and then. It’s your space so let it reflect you as the designer.

There you have it; a few design and furniture trends that you can take and utilize in your own home. Take a trend or two and incorporate it into your style or who knows? Maybe you’ll start a trend of your own!


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