Top 5 Reasons To Buy New Furniture!

4 Oct

#5 – Feel Better About Your Home – lets face it we spend a lot of time at home. We have demanding jobs and many family responsibilities. When we come home we just want to relax and feel good. Having nice things at home is one way to feel accomplished. You look around, see nice things, and don’t feel as bad about working hard since you get to enjoy your life at home.

#4 – Impress Your Guests – everyone likes a little bit of vanity so having a unique piece of furniture makes you look cool and gives everyone something to talk about it. For me it’s a lamp that’s more expensive and unique than any other piece of furniture that I own.

#3 – Efficiency – furniture is not just for looks but also for organizing your home and putting away your stuff. Consider how you will use something when you buy it and remember that most things have multiple uses. I used to use my nightstand for keys, watches, credit cards, passport, etc… but when I became single I quickly converted it to storage for sex toys.

#2 – Comfort – you sleep a third of your life sleeping or at least you are supposed to sleep 8 out of 24 hours so make sure you invest into your mattress and into your office chair where you spend a lot of time as well. Your back will thank you, you will have more energy, and can avoid many diseases that you only find out existed when you get older.

#1 – Because Your Spouse Asked You – (for men only) – a happy wife means a happy life. When a spouse makes a request about furniture, something men usually care little about, just comply and buy whatever she wants. This act can later be leveraged into something more fun such as night out with the guys or a funner car or better sports equipment.


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