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Mimicking the Arts and Crafts Look On a Budget

25 Jul

The Arts and Crafts look is attractive to many homeowners but it has the reputation of being expensive to achieve in the home. Believe it or not, there are some ways you can create this look without breaking the bank.


Not all of us are artists. Stenciling does not require a lot of artistic skill. If you have a piece of furniture or a blank space on a wall for a border or similar, you can make or purchase inexpensive stencils in the Arts and Crafts style. These can be used many, many times and are almost always under $30. Besides that your main expense is paint. Stenciling can also be done to curtains, shades, and other textiles.


Linen is an affordable fabric that was often used in original Arts and Crafts homes. It can be used for stenciling for an even more authentic look. Just make sure to use good fabric paint.

Add Wood Furniture

Replacing furniture with its wood version can be expensive but if done one piece at a time, it can be very affordable. Start with a nice end table or something small and you will see what a huge difference it can make in the appearance of your home.


If you have a piece of furniture such as a chair or couch, it will likely save you money to have it reupholstered with cloth inspired by the Arts and Crafts style rather than buying an expensive reproduction. If a piece of furniture can be reupholstered, it makes it a much better value option if you like to change your decorating styles.

Add Simple Crafts to Furniture

Something as simple as a nice embroidered napkin can add a lot of character to a wooden end table. Or try your own hand at some simple crafts. Many areas have studios where you can paint your own pottery or learn a handicraft for an inexpensive price.