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Round Dining Tables and Why I Love Them

1 May

Just because you might have limited space for a dining table doesn’t mean that it has to be lacking. Here are a few tips on round dining tables and why I love them.

Safe for the Kids

Round dining tables offer a lot of features in terms of design. However, where I really think they stand out as a perfect option is for families with children. Round dining tables lack sharp corners which can be dangerous for small children. If you are worried that your child might get injured while playing around the house, a round dining table can help you to avoid worry.

When its time for board game night, a round dining table makes for the perfect setup. The round design makes reaching the center of the table easy and perfect for little ones!

Round Dining Tables Single Base

Round dining tables are often designed with a single pedestal to support the design. However, as you look for a suitable option, make sure that the base of the table is wide enough to sufficiently support the tabletop. Otherwise, you may find that the table is easily tippable.

On reasonably priced dining tables this pedestal can often feature decorative elements that can increase the look of your dining room. In addition, by adding sturdy chairs made from hardwood, you can create a dining room look that is built to last.

Perfect for Small Dining Rooms

If you need a place to sit and enjoy a meal that won’t take up too much space, a round dining table is the perfect idea. A round dining table can fit snugly in a corner for a mini-breakfast nook. I also highly recommend round dining tables if you need to seat additional guests only on occasion. Some round dining tables offer the option to insert a table leaf for additional seating. The table leaf can be easily removed and stored when not in use.